About Me

Among the Top Wedding Photographers in Richmond

I suspect I became a photographer from seeds planted long before I seriously picked up a camera. Growing up, my mother was a teacher and an artist while my father was a lawyer and a photographer. My father taught me how to look at a location and see something completely different than everyone else while my mother helped me to breathe life into it. That was how I began to train my eye and develop my unique point of view.

As a professional wedding photographer in Richmond, VA, I am committed to photographic excellence. I have found my personal passion in wedding photography. Weddings are a masterclass in photography and shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. They involve indoor and outdoor lighting techniques, posing people, macro photography, incredible attention to detail and organization. My brides love working with me because of my high energy level and fun spirit. Who said photographers had to be boring or lack personality? I like to have fun and my brides tell me it’s infectious.

I reside in the West End of Richmond. When I’m not out taking pictures, I love traveling, working out, teaching photography, wine, movies and the Redskins.

I will always work hard to present you with the best YOU possible, every time!

I am comfortable shooting in my state-of-the-art digitally equipped studio, on location or in any outdoor setting. If you are looking for a fun and unique wedding photographer in Richmond, VA, give me a call; I would love the opportunity to take pictures on your big day too!